What people are saying...

"Claire is a great mindfulness teacher with a lovely way about her that really helps you to live more mindfully which in turn can really help with dealing better with stress and anxiety and also to stop and experience the now rather than fret about the future. I have gained so much from the sessions, not only for me personally but also for my counselling practice. Thank you Claire."

Recha. March. 2019.

"The great thing about Claire is that she really lives the practices. I find her an inspiring and committed teacher, prepared to go the extra mile for her students. This course really deserves commitment and focus, it can be transformative. Highly recommended." 

Bev. May 2020

"Claire is brilliant at what she does. Very compassionate and caring.

She certainly practices what she preaches. Highly recommend Hello Mindful."

Maslen. January 2019

"I now have an amazing toolkit and list of resources, and a range of exercises (meditations but also thinking/writing activities) to continue to practice and work with as needed. I feel much more resilient and able to calm myself, and much more in tune with my thought processes as well as able to step back and reflect on any feelings. It’s helped me to be able to decide how I want to respond before I act on them, and slowed that process of thoughts, feelings, sensations or emotions turning straight into behaviours or unconscious reactions without me noticing. There was a lot of space for reflection, and the homework was always very helpful when I did them! Claire was very non-judgemental but open about the benefits to the practice being proportionate to the effort and attention put in. I’ve now built the habit and ability to sit and meditate, and am still using the recordings and apps shared as part of the course as well as other resources I can now engage with better."

"If your looking for a an authentic mindfulness teacher then look no further. Claire has an approachable and easy going teaching style that will put you at ease from the start of the course."

Hugh. June 2020.

"Clare is the most amazing teacher I really enjoyed the course and she adapted it so that I could fully participate in every session l would encourage you to go on her course don't be afraid even if you feel you will not be able to physically do it all be sure that Clare will guide you through Just one breath Just this breath that is all it takes."

Shelley. October 2019.

"Claire Nelson has a great teaching style - we immediately felt safe and in good hands. I enjoy her humour and her light touch. And she clearly knows her stuff."

Annie. March 2019

"It was a lovely part of my week and ensured I was taking regular space to check in with myself, even if I was feeling very busy. I’d Claire as a brilliant, funny, thoughtful teacher who made the mindfulness course very down-to-earth, practical and accessible."

Harriet. May 2020