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We are so pleased to extend a warm invitation for you to join us on our Finding Peace residential retreat, being held this September in a beautiful location on the Algarve, Portugal.


This is a chance for you to step away from the pressure & pace your normal routine & step into peace, calm & serenity…

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Our retreat gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into this ancient & transformative practice with expert guidance & support. As well as learning how to access the deep well of inner peace that resides within us all - this is a valuable chance to take time out. Time out just for you, a rare & precious commodity in our fast-paced & busy lives…time out to be in nature, to rest & replenish, to be nourished, to explore, to meet new people & to just ‘be’.




The retreat runs from September 10th to September 16th, inclusive. 

Over the 6 days, from our base, Casa Solara - we will be learning how to find peace in our frantic worlds through Mindfulness. Not only learning meditative practices but useful tools & exercises that we can fold into the fabric of our days, allowing the many benefits of Mindfulness to permeate into all aspects of our lives. 

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This is by no means a scholarly week. Set in the beautiful space provided by  the Casa  - the teaching style is relaxed, fun, collaborative, experiential & possibly most importantly it’s invitational. Everything that is guided or suggested is an invite. Offering you the choice to see what best suits you in that moment. To listen to your own inmate wisdom to choose how much or how little you wish to engage with at any given moment.  This is your sacred time - time for your self care, self nurture & self development. 


There are 8 learning sessions, lasting 60-75 minutes these are   spread over the 6 days. This leaves the rest of the time for yourself -to rest & relax, to maybe  practice what’s been learned, maybe spending time in the pool, or quietly reflecting in the gardens or nearby hills. If you’re feeling like exploring there are many sights & nature spots nearby to quench an adventurous appetite…

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Noble Silence…


Each evening there will be noble silence from 9pm until the following morning's learning session. Noble silence is commonplace on Buddhist retreats. Although this is a secular retreat, Mindfulness comes from the Buddhist tradition & we feel spending time in silence is a nod to the roots of our practice. This time of silence gives us the chance to go within & be fully with our experience. A time to reflect, digest & be with ourselves without any distractions. People can have mixed reactions & assumptions about periods of silence, rest assured it is always a rich & fulfilling experience. 


Your facilitator is always available should you wish to talk through anything, before or during the retreat. 


A typical day - 


  • 9am. Mindful Movement. Qi Gong, Light yoga or stretches. Optional. 

  • 9.45am. Learning session. An informal & experiential learning session working through the ‘Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ syllabus

  • 11.00 brunch. A hearty, healthy & locally sourced brunch. Can be eaten communally or at one of many private, smaller seating areas. 

  • 12.00 mindful time for you…

  • 5.30pm. Learning session 2. 

  • 7pm. Evening meal. Hearty vegetarian evening meal. Lovingly prepared from local produce by our in house chef. 

  • 8pm. Free tine or Evening activity. Campfire. Devotional singing. Games. Puzzles. Reading. Socialising. 

  • 9pm.  Sharing circle - optional.  

  • Noble silence will begin after sharing circle & will continue until we are together to learn the following morning. 


There will be one full day on the retreat where there is no curriculum. This is halfway through the learning sessions. A chance to consolidate & digest what we’ve experienced thus far. 

There will be an opportunity to have a one to one session with your facilitator to chat through your progress, your stay & anything else you would like to bring to the table.

Who is this retreat for…? 


We know, through experience & scientific studies that everyone can benefit greatly from a regular Mindfulness practice. Whether you’re brand new to Mindfulness & meditation, or perhaps you’ve done some meditation in the past & would like to delve deeper into yourself, or maybe you’re a seasoned meditator who feels like refreshing their practice whilst soaking up some sun… this retreat is for you…


This retreat is for those of you seeking solace from their busy life…


This retreat is for anyone wishing to gain tools to help them optimise their mental, emotional, physical & spiritual well-being…


This retreat is for those seeking calm, balance & serenity in the sun…


This retreat is for you. 


Inclusivity & Accessibility - everybody is welcome to learn Mindfulness with us. We pride ourselves on inclusivity & accessibility. 


If you’ve any medical needs, access needs, or any specific requirements/adjustments you would need to make this retreat possible for you then please speak to us. We strongly believe that everyone, no matter what their circumstances should be able to access Mindfulness. 

What we offer….


Mindfulness retreat with a difference. A perfect blend of stimulating learning, nurturing & relaxation, set in a stunning location. 


Our promise - to ensure you return home from this retreat feeling refreshed, revived & ready to step out into the world in a new, conscious way…


To have gained ancient tools to help leave stress & pressure in the past & bring peace, purpose & wisdom into the present…

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The Casa…


Casa Solara is a newly refurbished 7 bedded boutique retreat centre situated in the Eastern Algarve area of Portugal. 


Casa Solara is a lovingly restored old farmhouse in a stunning hillside location with wonder-ful views. The energy in the valley is crystal clear - the perfect place to recharge and reconnect. 


The retreat centre consists of: -

* 7 guest bedrooms (3 with private bathrooms, plus 2 shared bathrooms)

* a shaded roof terrace yoga space with stunning 360-degree views

* an indoor meditation/workshop room

* a spacious covered yoga shala downstairs

* 2  lovely outside dining areas 

* a salt-water pool with built-in benches for meditation & healing, wonderful for pranayama practise and flotation

* chill-out areas throughout the garden which include a tranquil nature pond with a cascade and a walking spiral

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The facilitator…


This retreat will be hosted & facilitated by Claire Nelson from Hello Mindful. 


Claire trained at both the Sussex Mindfulness centre & the Oxford Mindfulness centre. She is an experienced & compassionate Mindfulness teacher who decided to train to teach others Mindfulness after experiencing the healing & transformative effect of a daily mindfulness practice first-hand. 


“I like to channel my love knowledge, passion & learned wisdom of this wonderful & ancient practice into my retreats. It gives me so much pleasure to share the tool of Mindfulness & to watch them change, grow & flourish” 

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If you would like to read some testimonials about Claire and her teaching style, please click here


Where we are..

Porto Carvalhoso, Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo    8800-166



Nearest town - Santa Catarina da Fonte do 

Nearest airport - Faro (30 minutes). 

Airport pick up is available for €30. A rental car is a good option if you wish to explore the general area by car. 

Transport for a day trip to local sights can also be arranged.

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Cost - £735

A £125 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking, with full payment due by the first of August. 


The cost includes - 

Tuition & support - 


Expert Mindfulness & Meditation guidance from an experienced & accredited Mindfulness facilitator. 


Your facilitator will hold a gentle & compassionate space for you throughout the retreat. Giving you the safety & stability to fully immerse yourself & explore what this retreat can offer you. 


Full Board - 


Brunch, dinner, snacks, teas & coffee. Delicious vegetarian cuisine cooked lovingly by our  wonderful in house chef. 


All diets catered for by prior arrangement.

Accomodation shared

Transfers to and from airport if required although a hire car is recommended for private excursions

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Shared twin room - most with en suite and private balcony. (photos of available rooms  & choice of room at the time of booking).

There is one single-occupancy double room, please enquire for cost & availability.

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If this retreat feels like the right choice for you & you would like to, or are considering joining us in Portugal this September then please fill out the form below.