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Mindful Nature Retreat

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We are so pleased to extend a warm invitation for you to join us on our Mindful nature residential retreat, being held this May in a beautiful location in the hills of the Algarve, Portugal.

6 nights & 7 days of nature connection & Mindfulness, offering you a new way to relate to the wonder of nature all around us. 


These retreats are a unique collaboration between mindfulness and nature practices. They are primarily a personal journey of exploration that will guide you into a closer relationship with yourself, your immediate community, and the environment. 

When these three spheres are in harmony, we find ourselves in a place where we more easily manage the balancing act of taking care of ourselves, others, and the environment. We can then shift the attention to a new way of living that prioritises health, connection and nature towards finding greater well-being and peace


This is a valuable chance to take time out, just for you. A rare & precious commodity in our fast-paced & busy lives…time out to be in nature, to rest & replenish, to be nourished, to explore, to learn skills that will last a lifetime, to meet new people & to just ‘be’.

A Typical Day

7am- 8am Optional walk, in local nature spot or beach


9:00 - 9:30am Mindful movement: gentle stretching, qigong, tai chi or walking meditation.

9:30 -11:00am  Teachings on Mindfulness or nature connection with guided Mindfulness/Nature meditation.

11am Brunch. A delicious vegetarian spread prepared with love by our in house chef. All diets catered for. (Meals taken at a communal table or at an allocated silent dining space.)

12:00 - 2:30pm 'Sacred You Time’: space to expand, enjoy suggested mindful activities, have a swim, a walk in the nearby hills, journal, or simply be & luxuriate in your own company/surroundings.

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2:30 - 4:00pm Teachings on Mindfulness or nature connection with a guided Mindfulness/Nature meditation.

4:00 - 6:00pm 'Sacred You Time’

6:00pm Evening meal.

7:30 - 9:00pm Guided Mindfulness/nature meditation/practice followed by a sharing circle

9pm Move into noble silence until after the next days morning session. Please see here for more information on noble silence if you’re unfamiliar.

Please note that all offerings are invitational. We invite you to trust your inner wisdom to know which activities are right for you at any given time & care for yourself the best way you can.
We do however request that participants attend a minimum of two guided meditations daily to experience what Mindfulness can offer.

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Is this retreat for you?

From complete beginner, to experienced meditator & everyone in between, this retreat is suitable for you

  • If you are seeking solace from their busy life.

  • If you wish to deepen your connection to yourself & the natural world around you. 

  • If you’re l looking to gain tools to help optimise your  mental, emotional, physical & spiritual well-being to last a lifetime. 

  • Those seeking calm, balance & serenity 

  • Those wanting to explore Portugals exquisite landscape & beaches 

  • This retreat is for you.


Inclusivity & Accessibility - everybody is welcome to learn Mindfulness with us. We pride ourselves on inclusivity & welcome everybody. Please speak with us about any needs or requirements you may have. 

When & where?

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May 6th to May 12th inclusive.

We welcome participants from 2pm on arrival day & ask you to depart by 2pm on the final day.

The retreat is being held at Mindful-Nature Connection, a retreat space in western Algarve, in a peaceful hillside area, overlooking the Monchique mountains, near beautiful beaches and caves, where the vegetation is lush and the trees are abundant.

Nearest airport - Faro.


Whats included?


Full board - vegetarian meals, snacks, tea/coffee, water. All diets catered for & made with love by our in house chef.

Expert tuition, space holding & guided meditations from an accredited, experienced & compassionate facilitator.

Daily movement practice.

Sharing circles.

Exclusive use of the retreat space - it’s grounds, facilities, including pool.

Sumptuous space & time for you to rest, explore, reflect, swim or simply ‘be’.

Optional technological detox (recommended) .

Periods of noble silence.

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Noble Silence

Each evening there will be noble silence from 9pm until the following morning's learning session. Noble silence is commonplace on Buddhist retreats. Although this is a secular retreat, Mindfulness comes from the Buddhist tradition & we feel spending time in silence is a nod to the roots of our practice. This time of silence gives us the chance to go within & be fully with our experience. A time to reflect, digest & be with ourselves without any distractions. People can have mixed reactions & assumptions about periods of silence, rest assured it is always a rich & fulfilling experience.

Booking& Costs

If this retreat feels like the right choice for you & you would like to, or are considering joining us in Portugal then please fill out the form below, we would love to hear from you.

Prices from £997

Boutique style twin room - most with en suite & private terrace. Single supplements are also available at an extra cost. Should you wish to deepen your connection to nature there are fully furnished luxury tents available in the extensive gardens with outdoor toilet and wash facilities.

Price does not include flights or transfers.

Transfers can be arranged by us at a fraction of the cost of local taxis.

The facilitators

This retreat will be hosted & facilitated by Claire Nelson from Hello Mindful in collaboration with Hazel from Mindful nature connection. You can learn more about Hazel here -


Claire trained at both the Sussex Mindfulness centre, Breathing Space, London & the Oxford Mindfulness centre. She is an experienced & compassionate Mindfulness teacher who decided to train to teach others the tools Mindfulness after experiencing the healing & transformative effect of a daily mindfulness practice first-hand. 


“I like to channel my love knowledge, passion & learned wisdom of this wonderful & ancient practice into my rMindfulness offerings . It gives me so much pleasure to share the tools of Mindfulness. - witnessing  & facilitating change, growth &  transformation is a job like no other. 

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