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Introducing Mindfulness workshop


Our next by donation workshop will be on Thursday 13 October at 1900 GMT

Say hello to Mindfulness…


Come and join us for a fun, informal and experiential  workshop that will give you a well rounded introduction  to Mindfulness…


Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years but did you know it’s actually been around for over 2400 years… 


In this introductory session we will give a general overview of what Mindfulness is but also as equally as important, what Mindfulness isn’t! We will also look a little at the the history & roots of mindfulness & how it has transitioned over to the west, how it is can be applied today in our modern world & also the far reaching beneficial qualities of regular Mindfulness meditation. 


We will of course be practicing some short introductory Mindfulness practices/exercises giving you the chance to experience & to explore it first hand. At the end of the workshop we will have a Q&A session to open up to any queries, comments you have about Mindfulness…


So if you’ve ever been curious about what being mindful really means, or you’ve tried an app or resonated with a Meditation but would like to dig a little deeper & increase your knowledge then come along to our introduction workshop. 


The workshop is held over Zoom. Please let us know if you’re unfamiliar with this platform. I love our workshops to be co creational & welcome participation & conversation from participants throughout but it is not an expectation or requirement, You are very welcome to simply join, listen & receive. 


This workshop is on a Dana, donation basis. We would ask you to donate what is in your heart as a fair energy exchange for this workshop. 


To reserve your place please scroll to the button at the bottom of this page  to fill in our online registration form.

We will then  email through confirmation of your place on the workshop, full joining instructions and  PayPal details or please ask if you’d prefer details for a bank transfer to make your donation. We have no minimum or maximum donatiosend you our welcome email with zoom link, full joining instructions. An expectations. We ask you to pay what you feel the workshop is worth to you & what is right in your heart. You can choose to donate either before or after the workshop.

We very  much look forward to you joining us online for this intro session.

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