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Regular free drop in sessions

Midday each Monday and 7pm each Wednesday...

A great opportunity to dip your toe into Mindfulness & get a feel for what it is... Whether you’re brand new to meditation & mindfulness or an experienced meditator this session is suitable for & welcomes everybody. 

Each  Monday at midday GMT we will stream a live 15 minute Mindfulness meditation. To join simply go to either our Facebook or Instagram page and refresh at midday until the live feed appears. 

Every Wednesday at 7pm we offer half an hour of free guided, live Mindfulness meditation online via Zoom. (please see here for more details on zoom). 

No booking is required.

If you’ve ever wondered what Mindfulness is all about, or tried an app but just didn’t ‘get it, here you can experience some mindfulness practices & give yourself half an hour just for your own nurture & self care. 

No participation required. Everyone will be muted. 


Zoom link:


There is no charge for this drop in session & is offered on a Dana basis.

Meaning if you would like to & can afford to, donations are welcome, but nothing is expected as we are keen to make mindfulness accessible to all. 


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