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10 day Mindfulness Meditation challenge…

The efficacy of Mindfulness & Meditation is now widely known. There have been hundreds of research papers & personal accounts showing us that a regular Mindfulness practice can help with - 


  • Low Mood

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Immune system 

  • Sleep 

  • Pain

  • Focus

  • Clarity

  • Relationships

  • Addiction


The list goes on, please see my ‘resources’ page to see some of the research, also the ‘about Claire’ to read my personal transformational journey with Mindfulness…


I would love everybody to have the opportunity to be able to access this powerful wellness tool & so I am inviting you to join me in a by donation 10 day Mindfulness challenge…

This is a chance for you to establish & embed a disciplined daily Mindfulness practice over 10 days & hopefully beyond…

Whether this is your first encounter with Mindfulness, or you are looking to reestablish a lost habit, or maybe you’ve tried an app but would like to experience Mindfulness in a different way… this challenge is for you. The challenge is open to all & suitable for absolute beginners & seasoned practitioners alike. 

All you need to join is an internet connection, a quiet space to meditate, or earphones & a willingness to commit to a daily practice of Mindfulness. 

How it works... 

Joining this challenge is a positive commitment to yourself & your wellbeing. 

We will practice Mindfulness meditations or exercises (lasting between 5 & 30 minutes) on a daily basis, with , in your own time, full instruction & guidance. 

You’ll receive daily emails with video instruction & guided meditations on what that days practice is. Also, if you wish to join, we have a Facebook group to share,  support, get personal feedback, & cheer each other on. 

Each Wednesday we will meet live on Zoom for our daily practice & a chat session afterwards for a live support/Q&A session. 

Lastly & possibly most importantly we will track our wellbeing through self-evaluation forms at the beginning, middle & end of the Challenge to help us notice the changes in various aspects of our health & wellbeing.

I invite you to join me on this challenge & experience first hand the benefits a regular Mindfulness practice can bring to your world. 

To join, simply click the sign up button or go to our contact page & enter ‘ challenge’ in the comments. 

We do ask that all participants make a donation to enrol on the challenge. We know that once a financial commitment has been made there is more motivation and commitment to the challenge, your practice and ultimately your wellbeing. The amount is up to you - whatever feels right in your heart and what you feel its worth to you. We will send our paypoal and payment details once webe received your form.

You’ll then receive a confirmation email - in the days preceding the start of the challenge you’ll receive an introduction video in your inbox -  explaining what you need to know about the course, joining instructions for our Facebook group, zoom link for live sessions & how to prepare for this exciting challenge before we start Day one. 

Rest assured, your personal details will never be passed onto third parties. 

Please check your junk/spam email folder if you can’t find our emails. 

I look forward to sharing this journey with you & seeing you online soon. 

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